Thirty-one aged young man Nikhil Prasad Baji who survived his cerebral palsy and became a judge in India. Unbelievable Inspiring story.

Nikhil Prasad Baji, a native of Pune, has passed the exam to become a judge. Nikhil, who has battled his cerebral palsy, will now serve those who fight for justice.

Nikhil achieved this feat bypassing the First Class Judicial Magistrate and Civil Judge Junior Division Examination. Nikhil is a great fan of world-renowned scientist Steven Hawking, he conveys an inspirational message to people who suffer from diseases.

He says, 'I liked Political Science from the beginning.

I was also fascinated with court matters. "I wanted to just know and understand court proceedings," Nikhil said.

"I was studying for three hours every day and working at the tribunal helped me to understand the rules better.

Baji entered Gujarat National Law University (GNLU) through the Common Law Admission Test.

Baji had a friend who was blind while attending junior college. Baji says that when he selected in the GNLU the friend persuaded him to leave home and live independently.

After graduating from GNLU, Baji practiced law at Shivajinagar District Court and Debt Recovery Tribunal for five years. First Class Judicial Magistrate and Civil Judge Junior Division Examination were held in three stages. The phases were the preliminary examination, the main examination, and the interview.

Bells Palsy caught while preparing for the main exam after the preliminary exam. It paralyzed half of his face. It also affected Baji's study. Baji has been recovering for over a month now through physiotherapy. Baji says that there are many obstacles and difficulties when it comes to achieving your goals but if you determined enough, there is nothing to stop you.

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