How to Be a Good Mother | the University of Lucknow with a new certificate course

Lucknow University to get started the course that teaches women how to during pregnancy. This is the first time such a certificate course is being conducted in the country. The course, which is set to begin next academic year, has been named as Garbha Samskar.

The new course will teach students everything about what a pregnant woman should wear, eat, how she should behave, how to be healthy, what kind of songs to listen to, and how to listen to motherhood. This course is also a medium for job creation.

The university says that male students can opt for a course called Garbha Samskar. Officials said the course was launched following the instructions of state governor Anandiben Patel. While addressing the students last year, as a mother she was proposed to train girls.

Anandiben Patel was referring to the mythical hero Abhimanyu who came out of his mother's womb learning all the techniques of warfare. Anandiben Patel said that Germany conducting such a course also.

The course also includes guidance on the values ​​that girls should learn. Lucknow University students and gynecologists welcomed the new course. “The course is great and we welcome it".

This is a very sensitive issue. If students are trained in motherhood, it will help couples to have a healthy baby. This will set up our country has a healthy future. This is a helpful course for women and child welfare programs.

"Our country has a rich culture. A woman's feelings and thoughts are reflected in her child before and during pregnancy. Women need to focus on food and mental peace during pregnancy. This program will support women and child welfare programs."

Said Madhu Gupta, a senior gynecologist. visit: