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The first 'Rent a Car' system under the Southern Railway has commenced.

Kochi: The first 'Rent a Car' system under the Southern Railway has commenced. If you have a license then you can rent a car from the railway station and drive it yourself. As a first step, the project will implemented experimentally at four railway stations under Thiruvananthapuram division. These  in Thiruvananthapuram, Ernakulam South, Ernakulam North and Thrissur.

The facility will be available starting this month.

There will be five cars at each station. You must return the car within the stipulated time. A kiosk for booking the car will install at the railway station. Online booking facility is also under consideration. Indus Go, an agency, has been select to run the project.

Thiruvananthapuram divisional commercial manager M Muraleedharan said the project, which has been successful for three months, will extend to other railway stations if it is successful. Balamurali said. This will enable the Railways to earn more. Rent-a-bike project had started in Chengannur with the Sabarimala pilgrimage.
Travel news

Travel news

Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences & Technology  developed new technology for cancer treatment

Jan 14/2020

Thiruvananthapuram: Curcumin wafer treatment technology that can used instead of chemotherapy. It received US patent. The treatment technology developed by a team led by Dr. Lissy Krishnan and Dr. Lakshmi of Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences & Technology.

The study, jointly conducted by Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences & Technology and ICMR, developed new treatment technology. The alternative to chemotherapy has been found using curcumin extracted from turmeric. Curcumin wafer treatment can use after surgery in cancer treatment.

Medication is to paste the drug into the area where the cancer has been surgically removed.

Chemotherapy performed after surgery to prevent cancer cells from growing. But the normal cells may destroyed by chemotherapy along with the cancer cells. The specialty is that curcumin wafting technology does not kill normal cells. It estimated that within two years of completing the statutory tests, treatment will be practically available.

Thirty-one aged young man who survived his cerebral palsy and became a judge in India. Unbelievable Inspiring story.

Nikhil Prasad Baji, a native of Pune, has passed the exam to become a judge for cerebral palsy. Nikhil, who has battled  his ill-health, will now serve those who fight for justice.

Nikhil achieved this feat by passing the First Class Judicial Magistrate and Civil Judge Junior Division Examination. Nikhil is a great fan of world-renowned scientist Steven Hawking, he conveys an inspirational  message to people who suffering with diseases.

He says, 'I liked Political Science from the beginning.

I was also fascinated in court matters. "I wanted to just  knew and understand court proceedings," Nikhil said.

"I was studying for three hours every day and working at the tribunal helped me to understand the rules better.
Baji entered Gujarat National Law University (GNLU) through Common Law Admission Test.

Baji had a friend who was blind while attending junior college. Baji says that when he selected in the GNLU the friend persuaded to leave home and live independently.

After graduating from GNLU, Baji practiced law at Shivajinagar District Court and Debt Recovery Tribunal for five years. First Class Judicial Magistrate and Civil Judge Junior Division Examination was held in three stages. The phases were the preliminary examination, the main examination and the interview.

Bells Palsy caught while preparing for the main exam after the priliminary exam. It paralyzed half of his face. It also affected Baji's study. Baji has been recovering for over a month now through physiotherapy. Baji says that there are many obstacles and difficulties when it comes to achieving your goals but if you determined enough, there is nothing to stop you.

Do You Know Treatment Without Money In Kerala

Nowadays, when lifestyle diseases get out of hand, diagnostic costs are very expensive. A thorough blood test, if needed, will cost thousands. As part of the National Urban Health Mission, there are ten urban health centers in Kozhikode district. Eight of them are in Kozhikode Corporation. The treatment, medication and lab tests are free of charge here. These hospitals are on the path of excellence with more facilities.

There is no difference between below or above the poverty line. Anyone can get treatment here.

It was launched in 2014. Here a specialist clinic for lifestyle diseases, vaccination and family planning services is available in addition to a gynecologist, ENT, pediatrician and psychiatrist.

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