400,000 children will die in South Asia, most of them will be India; shocking study

According to a UNICEF study, 440,000 children will be affected by lockdown difficulties, if emergency measures are not taken in South Asia within six months. According to the study, out of these three lakh children will be from India.

In South Asia, 2,400 children are expected to die every day in the next six months. It is cited as the main cause of the collapse of the health system, due to the Kovid crisis. Researchers from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health published this study in The Lancet Global Health Journal.

About 95,000 children die in Pakistan while 28,000 babies will die in Bangladesh. 13,000 in Afghanistan and 4,000 in Nepal. The study is based on the worst-case scenario in 118 countries with low and middle income globally.

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More than 1.2 million children under the age of five may die in just six months, the study says. UNICEF South Asia Regional Director Jean Gou said the death toll of children under the age of five was rising for the first time in between decades. We must protect mothers, pregnant women and children in South Asia under any circumstances.

He said the decades-long efforts to reduce child mortality should also be carried forward while fighting the epidemic. The health sector in South Asia is in crisis due to health activists engaged in anti-Kovid activities and disruptions in medical supplies.