How to Care Newborn Baby

How To Care New Born Baby At Home
The first problem that newborns can experience that their body temperature may fall.

Baby's clothes should keep dry (although it can difficult to get in the rainy days, but try to keep them dry. Plastic covers or anything else can be secured) It is advisable to cover the hands and feet when the baby dressed (especially for newborns).

Kangaroo Mother Care - Infant's attachment to the mother's chest. And keep the head tilted to one side and slightly upwards for smooth breathing.

The baby's legs must be curved in a 'W' shape to make sure they are on both sides of the mother's abdomen. It is best to wrap around the mother's waist with a wide cloth. Afterward, the mother and baby can clothe together.

Breast milk is the purest food that babies can easily get. For that, the mother must make sure food and water. This means that if you have a mother at home or a newborn baby, the mother will be the first priority to her diet. Then you can get rid of diarrhea and other problems.