3 Foods To Eat For Bone Strength | Calcium Can Lower Blood Pressure And Prevent Bad Cholesterol

Calcium is very essential for our body. Calcium is essential for the proper functioning of nerves and muscle function. Calcium helps maintain bone strength in the elderly. Calcium deficiency leads to decreased bone density and breakage.

Women who have menopause need more calcium daily. This is because they have low levels of estrogen hormone in their body. Estrogen plays an important role in maintaining calcium in the bones.

The US National Library of Medicine says that calcium can lower blood pressure and prevent bad cholesterol.


When we think of calcium, the first thing that comes to mind is milk. When drinking milk our body quickly absorbs the calcium in it. Milk is important for bone growth and for adults and children.

Chia Seeds (Chia Seeds)

Chia Seeds are known as 'Super Food' which is rich in Omega-3 fatty acid and calcium. Seeds containing phosphorus and magnesium relax the muscles and accelerate digestion. Carbs in chia seed and the substances that regulate the cell's chemical processes can also help in weight loss. Not only that but eating chia seeds also relieve over hunger.


Almonds are an excellent source of calcium and protein, Eating five or six almonds a day is very good for your intellect, memory and refreshment.

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