"Critical Skills Work Permit to Overseas General Nurses in Ireland"

"Proposed Changes in Permit to Irish Employment"

Ireland has announced a concession in the Employment Permit System for workers who are desiring to come to Ireland and who are outside the European Economic Area (EEA)

The new changes will take effect on January 1, 2020. The official confirmation has been made by Heather Humphreys, Ireland's Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation. 

Critical Skill Employment Work Permit for General Nurse; Those who come on a dependent visa can work immediately,  Visas without restrictions for chefs; Ireland with the waiver of work permit laws.

The latest changes will also include a Critical Skill Employment Work Permit for general nurses visiting Ireland.

Those who are on a dependent visa can work immediately and It has also been decided to grant visas to chefs without restrictions. Ireland has relaxed its work permit laws in favor of immigrants, including Malayalee nurses.

Ireland has embarked on significant changes to address staff shortages in critical areas such as hospitality, construction and health.

It is important to note that these new changes were made following a second review of the Employment Permit System in 2019. This type of review is conducted twice a year in Ireland to ensure that the employment permit system is in line with the needs of the country's labor market. The review is based on the conditions of the labor market and submissions from various sectors and other stakeholders.

Ireland has an employment permit system managed through Occupation Lists called Critical Skills and Ineligible Lists of Occupations.

The new changes will enable all nurses to qualify for a Critical Skills Employment Permit. This will speed up their family reunification. They will also be able to take advantage of the extensive opportunities in the Irish labor market for their families. It also makes it possible to obtain a Long Term Residency quickly after two years.

Foreign nurses who have immigrated to Ireland to date have been given a permit to be classified into two categories: Critical Skill and General Work Permit. But all the nurses who come here from abroad with the new envelope will be covered in a single category called Critical Skill.

Nurses who now have a Critical Skill Work Permit are guaranteed to receive the benefits of the General Permit.

With the new reform, participants who reached the General Work Permit would have to overcome the difficulties of working and the delay in getting the family to work.

This will allow nurses who come to Ireland to seek employment, and their spouse and children, to Ireland. Participants of foreign nurses who have migrated to Ireland from good employment backgrounds will be able to find employment in the common job sector in Ireland without condition.

As a country that sends the largest number of nurses to Ireland, India has expected more benefits with the new decision. The benefits of the new legislation will not be limited to nurses and their families. On the contrary, it will be beneficial for chefs and construction specialists from abroad. The amendments are being implemented from January 1st, 2020 to attract chefs and construction professionals from abroad to rectify the shortage of specialists in these areas.

Accordingly, more and more chefs will be granted work permits. Heavy goods vehicle drivers will also be given 200 permits to end the labor shortage in Ireland's transport and logistics sectors.

"Critical Skills Visa Ireland Processing Time"

NB - A request for a Support Letter for a Critical Skills Employment Permit holder seeking a Stamp 4 cannot be processed until the permit holder has completed 21 months working in the State. We will accept requests received after 20 months however they will not be processed until 21 months have elapsed. read more

"Who issues work permit in Ireland"

The work permit is issued by DBEI. The Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation is a department of the Irish government.

"Is it easy to get a work permit in Ireland"

Apply for immigration permission to work before applying for a visa you must apply for and obtain immigration permission to work in Ireland. You must have a job offer or employment contract to apply. Only those with a high skill or skill shortage in Ireland will be permitted.

General employment permits are issued for up to 2 years. After completion of 12 months work permit holders can apply their family members to join them. 

'How long does it take to get a work permit in Ireland"

The standard processing time is 6-8 weeks 

"How long can you stay in Ireland without a visa"

90 days, but you must have a valid passport. The US citizen has concessions in the visa. They can enter visa-free for tourism and business stays up to 90 days.

"How long does it take to renew work permit in Ireland"

Renewal of work permit generally takes about 150 days (or longer)

"Is it easy to get PR (Permanent Residency) in Ireland"

After legally living in Ireland for 5 years, you can apply for PR (Permanent Residency).