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Here are some natural remedies that help you to get beautiful lips. These home remedies are using for centuries to remove dark lips and dry lips.

Human lips are very sensitive organs. Do you think what is the natural color of lips?

The natural color of the lips is a dark red or purple line around the lips.

If you have a natural dark lip line seeing on the border of your lips, that is a sign of energetic balance in the body.

Friends, we all want to have maintained attractive lips. The truth is that many people often can't. But, besides other things, it is better to pay little attention to the beauty of the lips. There are some simple ways in your household itself to get soft and shiny, good looking lips instead of the dark and dry lips.


Beetroot can be called a natural lipstick. Buy beetroot, cut it into small pieces and keep it in the fridge. When it is cold, take this piece and apply it on your lips. It helps to make the lips more attractive and enhances the color.

Beetroot is an excellent source of fiber, folate (vitamin B9), manganese, potassium, iron, and vitamin C.

Beet juice is associated with many health benefits, including improved blood flow, lower blood pressure.


Cucumber juice is the best remedy for dark lips or dry lips. Take some cucumber juice and gently rub it on your lips. Wait for some time and wipe it with a damp cloth will help to increase the color of your lips.

Almond oil

Almond oil is another best remedy for dark and dry lips. Apply it on your lips before go to bed. It helps to give the lips softness and beautiful color.

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Lemon juice and honey

Take equal amounts of lemon juice and honey. Mix them together and apply them on your lips. Lemon juice has the ability to cleanse the lips and the honey softens the lips. It can be used twice a week.

Tips for chapped lips

  • The important thing in lip care is drinking sufficient water
  • Vitamin E helps to dry lips to glossy
  • Apply good quality lip balm before you seep
  • Use a homemade lip scrub
  • Berry based lip scrub is better
  • Apply coconut oil

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