How to deal with corona after lockdown | After lockdown what should we do

Death will come to the fore in the next few days. Everywhere we have to keep him, a small virus called the corona. Governments around the world are stopping the lockdown. They say now, each one of you should live in harmony with Coronavirus in the future. How is that possible?

Disobedient people can only surrender to death. Many of the news we see every day is about lock-down violations. This is just a joke for those who ignorant about it. Because they don't know the real terror of Corona.

Deaths will become a common occurrence as the intensity of the corona more intensifies in the coming days. Death had been waiting before. But no more...

People are waiting for the opening of the usual shops, theaters, temples and mosques. Let’s see what we can do to keep things from getting messy.

  • Keep mobile phones clean
  • Clean all doors and bolts of your home every day with a disinfectant.
  • Do not travel unnecessarily
  • Don't give shake hands to anybody
  • Do not go to other houses. Use the phone if necessary to connect them
  • Don't ride other people's vehicles
  • Be careful not to exchange the vehicle to others to drive
  • Disinfect the inside of the vehicle and do not forget to clean the door handles with a sanitizer before entering vehicles.
  • Wear a mask while traveling and when go outside
  • Stay away from others
  • Don't go to movie theaters, malls, supermarkets, places of worship or meeting places
  • Don't try to go ATMs or bank locations, make maximum use of digital payment systems
  • If you go to petrol pumps and pay with QR code, very good
  • Make sure you have a sanitizer permanently in your vehicle
  • Store vegetables purchased from the shop with turmeric powder and salt and soak them in water for an hour, then wash them again and use them.
  • Wipe the outside of the packed items with a little handwash, then use
  • Do not drink refilled soda-like drinks.
  • People who use computers in offices should use hand sanitizer occasionally
  • Practice washing your hands wherever you go
  • Stop going straight to the bank only to check if the money you get from the government has reached the bank. Just know that you won't lose your money. It will safe in the bank.

What's more, even drinking a cup of tea from outside is dangerous. Because the killer virus is waiting invisibly somewhere near us.

What governments can do

  • Make ration goods home delivery
  • Digitize services
  • Stop queuing services in offices
  • Give things like alcohol online
  • Give it only in the pension bank account
  • Inspire digital payments and online purchase

Kindly Change the mindset of everyones. If we don't change, Corona will change us.

Disclaimer:- We are not medical practitioners and this article based on natural knowledge and other references. So we are not claiming to cure any diseases. This is publishing only for public awareness. Please if you have any illness, consult an expert doctor and medicate. Hereby we declare that is not liable for any loss or inconvenience that occurred by this content.

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