How to clean vegetables and fruits at the time of virus diseases

how to clean vegetables

As part of preventing the spread of coronavirus, we are trying many prevention methods. Lock-down enables us to feel safe at home.

We are cleaning hands or sanitize mobile phones/other devices. There are many ways we can do that. But how do we treat all the vegetables and fruits we buy from outside?

The discovery that the virus is transmitted through food has not yet been discovered. Still, we need to be careful to be subtle.

Most importantly, we must pay attention to the cleaning of vegetables and fruits purchased from outside. Here are five suggestions that can help.

1. When you return home after buying items, you must first wash your hands before cleaning them.

2. Many people use soap or detergent to clean vegetables and fruits, considering the current situation. These are things that should never be done. Experts say there is no need for it.

3. Open the water tap and rub well with a sponge/scrubber in running water is the best practice to clean vegetables and fruits thoroughly. Do not use detergent to clean vegetables or fruits in such a manner.

4. There is no problem with using a special brush or sponge to clean it if it is a vegetable or fruit that is apparently dirty or muddy.

5. Some vegetables and fruits should be used a little more carefully. Berries, cabbage, leafy vegetables and lettuce-like leaves should be taken more time and care than washing regular vegetables. This method involves placing the perforated plastic container underneath the exposed pipe and rinsing it thoroughly. After washing, it is best to dry them with a dry towel or tissue paper.