Some of the important symptoms to look out for high cholesterol

Some of the important symptoms to look out for high cholesterol

Cholesterol is one of the leading causes of many problems, including heart problems. Cholesterol is lipids that dissolved in all the cells of the body. It also requires physical activity up to a limit. This is essential for bile production. It is also necessary to burn fat.

Cholesterol is also essential for the production of certain hormones that lead to heart health. But the problem is when an increase in the limit of cholesterol. Moreover, high cholesterol levels increase the risk of heart attacks.

The body has good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. Good cholesterol brings good benefits. This is known as HDL cholesterol. Bad cholesterol is LDL cholesterol. When cholesterol is high, it stores up in the blood vessels. This causes the flow of blood to the heart block and can lead to many problems, including heart attacks.

Symptoms of High Cholesterol.

1. Chest pain is a symptom of many ailments, including heart attacks. But it can also be experienced due to high cholesterol levels. This type of pain may be caused by obstruction of blood flow to the heart.

2. LDL cholesterol, i.e bad cholesterol, can cause indigestion and gas trouble. If for some other reason these start suddenly, it may a symptom of high cholesterol.

3. Swelling and numbness in the hand are the initial symptoms of high cholesterol. It caused by increased blood cholesterol. Due to these muscles do not get enough oxygen.

4. Bad breath is a problem for people with high cholesterol. This condition called halitosis. The reason for this is a factor in the lever. When high cholesterol is high, the liver cannot digest it properly. It causes a reduction of saliva in the mouth and increases bad breath.

5. When cholesterol is high, blood flow interrupted and can lead to various problems like dizziness and headaches.

6. Fatigue can be caused by a variety of causes. It may due to certain physical conditions or high atmospheric temperature. But cholesterol can often cause fatigue. This is because the blood flow in the body interrupted by cholesterol and the flow of oxygen.

7. Skin problems are another symptom of high cholesterol levels. Redness and itching in the skin are more likely.