The streets of Paris are filled with homeopathic pharmacies, Dr. Biju's Viral Facebook Post

homeopathic pharmacies in the streets of Paris

Dr. Biju is one of the directors who brought the Malayalam cinema to the world cinema. A Facebook post by Dr. Biju, who arrived in Paris to discuss the new film, is now gaining attention on social media. The streets of Paris are full of homeopathic pharmacies and 60 percent of the French people use homeopathic medicines there, says Dr. Biju says in his Facebook post.

"I was in Paris for the discussion of the new film, I couldn't forget the working profession.

The streets of Paris are full of homeopathic pharmacies.

Looking around to see which homeopathic pharmacy is located there along the residential street, lies on a small street with more than 20 homeopathic pharmacies. This is the case in every street. Many homeopathic pharmacies. About 60% of French people use homeopathic medicines.

According to a 2018 survey by the International Market Research Company, Ipsos, 77% of French people have taken homeopathic medicines at least once.

58% of people have used homeopathic medicine many times. More than 40% have been using homeopathic medicines for more than 10 years.

In France, there are many universities and private colleges for homeopathy. The French health minister has announced plans to abolish reimbursement for homeopathic medicines in 2019. Although it is expected to be implemented by 2021, there is still strong opposition from homeopathic patients against this.

The professor of homeopathy and president of the Homeopathic Doctors Association of the French Institute of Scientific Homeo pulse in France, Albert Claude Lumon says, currently only 10% of reimbursement give government for homeopathic medicines, no problem even if it is stopped.

But one problem is that homeopathic medicines are likely to cost more.

In any case, homeopathy is an important medical science in France. More than 20000 doctors and many homeopathic pharmacies working here."


After reading this post, I am in a lot of pain. It is because of the pain that even after many years of India's independence, why we have not been able to make good health models.