Government Increased Allowable Period for Abortion Up To 24 Weeks (6 months) | Earlier It was Not Permitted After 5 Months

In 1971, the Government of India first passed a law on abortion. The bill allows for abortions for up to five months (20 weeks).

Now the government has increased the allowable period for abortion to 24 weeks (six months). Earlier it was 20 weeks (five months). The Union Cabinet meeting in New Delhi approved the bill. The bill will be presented in the Budget Session beginning in February. Union Health minister Prakash Javadekar said the decision would help reduce the maternal mortality rate significantly.

If there is a problem with the growth of the baby including health reasons, earlier it was not permitted to abortion if it found after five months.

The Bill provides that women have the right to decide whether or not to continue their pregnancy according to their own decision, and in such a case, it allows women to end their pregnancy freely and safely.

Neither raped children, minors, nor heterosexual girls are likely to know about pregnancy immediately. So this will help them free from unnecessary pregnancy.

This is a good  progressive reform. It is up to women to decide their own pregnancy. That is why the period for abortion is increased. There are many cases and cases of the girl being unaware of her pregnancy during the first six months. In those cases all victims had to go the court for seeking permission to terminate the pregnancy. The decision was taken after a detailed consultation with several healthcare professionals and specialist doctors, the Union Minister said.