What to do first when bitten by a snake | The bitted snake is a poisonous one or not, how to know

Many people do not know what to do first when bitten by a snake. The bite of snake is a poisonous one or not, how to know?

If a poisonous snake bites, there two marks can be seen as pierced with a needle. The distance between the two signs varies depending on the size of the bite. Other teeth mark of the snake may also seen, but only poisonous teeth marks can appear clear like pierced with a needle. 

If a poisonous snake bites, you will experience severe stretching.

To identify a snake bite, consider the following common symptoms:
  •       Two puncture wounds.
  •       Swelling and redness around the wounds.
  •       Pain at the bite site.
  •       Difficulty to breathe.
  •       Vomiting and nausea.
  •       Blurred vision.
  •       Sweat and saliva.
  •       Freezing of face and limbs.

Depending on the type of snake and the amount of venom injected, the stretching and pain may fluctuate. Despite this, you never have to go to search the snake.

1. When bitten by a snake, the first thing is not to afraid of it. Bited people should not run in fear. This can cause the poison to spread all over the body quickly.

2. Tie a little above the bite area of ​​the garment itself (using clothe). Don't over tighten to break the blood circulation.

3. Do not try to cut, squeeze or tore the blood to out from the damaged area. Do not attempt to suck venom out.

4. Do not put the patient to bed. Place the bite area must below as the heart.

5. Get to the hospital in which ASV (Anti-Snake Venom) is available as soon as possible.

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