Corona virus death toll rises to 80 in China The rapid construction started of special hospitals | Coronavirus Latest Updates

Wuhan, China: The number of deaths due to coronavirus has risen to 80. The number of people infected with the virus has risen to 2,044. In Hubei alone, 24 people have confirmed with the virus. President Xi Jinping has warned that the situation is dire. Coronavirus spreads rapidly in China, with estimates from Chinese authorities and the World Health Organization failing. In Shanghai also, Coronavirus deaths have reported.

The new challenge is that this virus enters the body before detecting the symptoms.

Authorities are embarking on stringent measures to prevent the spread of the virus. Travel bans being announced across the country. Currently, it has announced in 12 cities. The city of Wuhan, which thought to have infected with the virus, is so completely isolated. More than 50 million people fled the area.

The Foreign Ministry said that the Indians in Wuhan are now safe and no one has infected. Officials at the US Consulate in Wuhan will be back on a special flight tomorrow. The United States instructed its citizens to return home as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, a fifth person from China confirmed the infection in the US. The virus was also detected in someone from China to Canada. The construction of specialized hospitals for coronavirus is progressing rapidly. The construction of the second hospital is expected to be completed within 15 days. The country has banned the sale of pets. The farms are under strict scrutiny. China decided to took more action in the coming days to eradicate the deadly virus.