Stories of Inhumane Treatment in Labor and Delivery Wards During Childbirth: Report of the World Health Organization

Women facing cruelty in labor room, maternity room in the world

Vulgarity and Bad Behavior: Unparalleled Cruelty of Women Facing in Maternity Rooms During Childbirth; WHO Report


The World Health Organization's report outlines the cruelty and mistreatment women face in the maternity room. According to the report, women are facing severe mental and physical abuse during this time. Pregnant women in the underdeveloped countries of Ghana, Guinea, Myanmar and Nigeria suffer the most torture and abuse in the maternity room. 

Of these, the under-educated and the unemployed are the most vulnerable to bad behavior and physical abuse. In a study of 2,016 women in Ghana, Guinea, Myanmar and Nigeria, 838 (42 percent) had negative experiences.

This includes using obscene language during childbirth, force pushing, or pushing down. In addition, the incidents of cesarean are much higher without the consent of young women. Furthermore, women who participated in the study said that these nurses are making unnecessary wounds (episiotomy) during delivery in the vagina could be dangerously large.

Women do not get the privacy and dignity they need during childbirth. At the same time, they are facing a lot of bad talk and obscenity issues. The World Health Organization states that women should have the most comfortable and friendly environment in the maternity room.

Therefore, there will be efforts on the part of the organization to control the bad words and torturing that pregnant women face in the maternity room. The World Health Organization also hopes that this study can be used to get decent behavior in the maternity room to pregnant women.

India, Kerala is not at all an exception. I will be back soon to share my own experience in Kerala, India.