Corona | Another disease to terrify the world like SARS | Confirmed that the 'Coronavirus', Which is spreading in China 2020

People lay down and die on the road while watching. Dozens of such videos are spreading through social media. However, it has not been officially confirmed whether such videos are original. Reports say the disease is spread evenly through the eyes. The Chinese Wall and Shanghai Disney Land were closed. All outbound travel was banned from 14 cities. Lunar New Year celebration banned. The Chinese facing scarcity in necessary masks and gloves.

The Coronavirus is spreading a serious threat to humanity itself. The outbreak of the disease from Wuhan, China, has now been confirmed to have spread more than 600 people in various Asian countries, more than ten countries.

Shocking reports and videos related to the Coronavirus epidemic are emerging from China. There have been videos of people suffering from coronavirus falling out of the way while looking at Wuhan, China, the source of the coronavirus. It is shocking to report that Coronavirus spreads through the eyes. The situation in China is worsened by the virus. The major tourist destinations such as the Chinese Great Wall and Shanghai Disney Land have been shut down.

18 people have died from the disease so far. But in fact, so far 10,000 people have infected with the Coronavirus.

What is Wuhan Coronavirus?, How it reaches humans? Should to Fear of pets? How long will it take this virus to spread from China to India? Can you identify the symptoms? What can be done to save a life?

What is Wuhan Coronavirus

It is a deadly virus that can kill humans and animals. It is an RNA or ribonucleic acid virus. This means that the virus can split the cells into humans or animals and this can make the reproduction of the virus. Therefore, RNA viruses are rapidly spreading. Before the outbreak of this disease, the Wuhan coronavirus had never been identified. It was called Kovid 19.

There is no exact name for this as more details are not known. The virus is capable of infecting a very wide range of species, including humans, cattle, pigs, chickens, dogs, cats and wild animals, according to Dr. Pirbright of the Pirbright Institute. According to Helena Meyer. Before identifying the new Coronavirus, six different types of Coronavirus have identified that affect humans, four of which are known to cause common colds.

But Helena says the two coronavirus cases, which discovered in 2002 was more serious in humans. Serious acute respiratory syndrome or SARS and Middle East respiratory syndrome or MERS. They are able to spread rapidly from one species to another. The Coronavirus was first reported three weeks ago in Wuhan, a city of China.

How does Coronavirus reach humans

Coronaviruses are believed to commonly transmitted from animals to humans.

However, there has been no confirmation. But scientists assume that the diseases SARS and MERS spread to humans through civet and camel.

Authorities confirm China's unknown disease transmitted from human to human; Despite all the precautions, 14 doctors and nurses got sick; Suspected to originate from the animal or fish market; Another disease to terrify the world like SARS.

The first virus outbreak in Wuhan has reported to people working in or around Wuhan's animal markets. The market is now closed for investigation.

Although it is officially a market for seafood, other animals have also been sold here. Researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences say the main susceptibility to the virus may have come from bats. However, they have not yet been identified as the mediator in which bats can reach humans. Another Scientific Journal article states that the virus first infected snakes and that they had spread to the Wuhan market from humans.

How long will it take this virus to spread from China to India?

The spread of coronavirus in our neighboring China has caused doubt that it may soon reach in India. Experts say that reason why the international community afraid of it.  because they know very little about this virus. Whatever, this spreads rapidly and gives way to anxiety.

The corona is similar to SARS, which hit 8,000 people in 2003 and claimed 800 lives. The virus has not been reported before, so no one is immune to it. Therefore, it is more likely that it will do more damage than previous virus infections. It is most likely to reach India from neighboring China.

97% of reported cases have survived without any problems or medical care. However, a very small minority of people, including the elderly and those with early disease, have reported to at risk of contracting pneumonia if they become infected and it may cause death.

Can you identify the symptoms of Coronavirus

Symptoms can manifest within two to 14 days after coronavirus infection. Initial symptoms include runny nose, cough, sore throat, and high fever.

97% of reported cases have survived without any problems or medical care. However, a very small minority of people, including the elderly and those with early disease, have reported to at risk of contracting pneumonia if they become infected and it may cause death.

What can do to save the life

The concern is that no effective drugs or vaccines have been found to cure or prevent the coronavirus emerging from Wuhan. Antibiotics do not work against this.

Currently, authorities are relocating those who suspected coronavirus infections from preventing the spread of the disease to others. Officials are warning the suspects that they have symptoms and should seek medical help.

How dangerous is the Coronavirus

Currently, the coronavirus has claimed the lives of 18 people. That means 18 out of 600 people officially diagnosed with the disease have died. The death rate is about three percent.

The current coronavirus concern worries that the Spanish flu epidemic, which killed nearly 50 million people in 1918, is higher than the death rate. Experts say there are fears that the number of people actually infected will reach 10,000 in different countries.

BEIJING - An unknown disease in China confirmed to be transmitted from human to human. Coronavirus has reported 222 cases so far. Most of the Asian continent is in China. China has confirmed that the epidemic, which transmitted from human to human, took the lives of three people in just a few days.

Despite all the precautions, 14 doctors and nurses have been diagnosed with the disease. Another disease is erupting to scare the world, like SARS. Chinese local media reports that the disease is spreading to the victims and other family members.

The outbreak of the disease reported in Wuhan City. 

It is concluding that the great catastrophe originated from the animal or fish market. Investigations are focus on the Hunan Whole Sale fish market,  Wuhan City. But now it has been shown that the virus, which is now causing pneumonia, is rapidly spreading from man to man through coughing, sneezing, and secretions.

222 people in Asia have been infected with the virus. On January 17, 48 people diagnosed with the disease, and four days later, 222 people diagnosed. The virus confirmed in Thailand, Japan and South Korea, besides China.

The city is home to around 110 million people and serves over 3,300 people daily through the airport. Scientists have also warned the disease will easily affect humans from humans.

Do not assume that people in India, the US or any other country are safe, as the disease reported in China. In a world of travel, the virus is very likely to spread from one place to another. The virus has now spread to Britain through Ashley, who traveled to Thailand. Although authorities have taken every precaution to prevent the spread of the disease, there is a doubt that this virus will overcome it.

The disease has now reached various countries through air travel. The outbreak of the disease is 100 times faster than it was when the plague erupted 100 years ago. Therefore, other countries view China's disease outbreak with concern. The World Health Organization had been warned about the possible spread of the Coronavirus.

If the pestilence that threatens the world every 100 years, if it is truth, then the outbreak of China's Coronavirus cannot be ruled out.

It confirmed that the 'coronavirus', which is spreading in China and three other countries, is spreading from human to human. The Chinese government has confirmed this. Corona virus-infected people have many similarities to the widespread SARS epidemic.

The 'SARS' method was to disrupt lung function and complicate the patient's health. Experts now point out that the corona acts similarly.

In 2002-03 SARS spread across 37 countries and cause to lost over nine hundred lives. About 10,000 people were infected at that time.

A few days ago, Corona reported in the city of Wuhan, China. Doctors were doubts when it came to the symptoms of pneumonia, but it was not pneumonia. Subsequent investigations revealed that a deadly virus is behind the disease.

Reports have emerged that more than 1,000 people have diagnosed with Wuhan alone, but China has denied it. According to the Chinese government, only forty-one people have diagnosed with the disease and only three have died. Meanwhile, Corona has also been confirmed in Japan, Thailand and South Korea. An Indian woman is among those diagnosed in  Shenzhen in China. Preity Maheshwari, the resident of Delhi, is currently undergoing treatment.

Initially, coronavirus was known to be transmitted from animals to humans. But the confirmation that it is spreading from human to human has become a serious news story.

The disease, which has spread to four countries, already unknown if it spread in any other country.

In the coming days, travel bans and heavy preparations to face the deadly situation are likely may come in different countries.

So be careful when traveling to diseased places.

Coronaviruses are species of virus belonging to the subfamily Coronavirinae in the family Coronaviridae, in the order Nidovirales. Coronaviruses are enveloped viruses with a positive-sense single-stranded RNA genome and with a nucleocapsid of helical symmetry. Wikipedia