How to Decrease Weight And Which Foods and Drinks Help To Reduce Weight

foods that increase your belly fat

People who want to cut their belly fat should definitely avoid some foods and drinks. Some people think that spending an hour at a gym will help them to reduce weight loss. It's wrong. Climbing stairs and walking can help decrease excess calories.

Foods to avoid when trying to lose weight

Eating more rice will increase your belly fat

If you want to decrease your belly fat, you must avoid rice foods. Because rice has more carbohydrates. The first time this may very difficult if you are a regular rice eater. There is an easy way for this. Eat rice only once a day. By practice cut the amount of rice in a few days. Add a salad or other veggie dish to diet instead of reduced rice.

One cup of rice contains 200 calories, which is a good source of carbohydrates, which can lead to weight gain.

Are Soft Drinks increase Weight

People who want to cut their stomach fat should definitely avoid soft drinks. Drinking too much of this can cause visceral fat buildup and obesity. The problem is the fructose concentration in soft drinks. When enough fructose is present in the body, it goes straight to the liver and becomes fat.

"Fried Foods causes overweight"

Avoid fried and fried foods in oil. When fat accumulates in the abdomen, it can lead to various diseases. Studies show that regular consumption of fried foods may lead to type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Fried foods can also cause peptic ulcers in the stomach. It is caused by a bacteria called Helicobacter pylori. When you eat fried foods, you are more likely to have acidity.

Soda and Cola is dangerous to health

Soda is not good for body health. Carbon dioxide in soda is not needed for our bodies. Drinking sweet soda can cause fat buildup in the abdomen. Dieters drink mostly soda, it is very harmful. According to the American Heart Association and the American Stroke Association study drinking soda and other soft drinks regularly can increase the risk of obesity, paralysis, and heart disease, a kidney disorder.

Junk food has a higher risk

Junk food is one of the leading causes of obesity. Because junk food is high in calories, it can also increase the risk of fat accumulation in the abdomen. People who eat junk food have a higher risk of developing heart disease. When you eat junk food, LDL cholesterol is elevated and HDL cholesterol is low.
              Metabolism in the body is easily accomplished by drinking enough water. Therefore, remember that a diet low in water will not be 100% beneficial.

Weight Loss Friendly Foods

Protein-containing foods are best for weight loss. Those who suffer obesity must add protein-containing foods to their breakfast.

Most studies suggest that eating protein-rich foods can help you lose weight faster.

Eating protein foods will always make you feel full. Protein deficiency can lead to hormonal disturbances, muscle problems, anemia, and skin rashes. Eating protein foods also helps to boost your metabolism and burn calories.
The following are 5 important protein-rich foods that should include in breakfast for weight loss.


The egg is a killer weight-loss food. One egg has six grams of protein. Including one egg every day at breakfast is great for the body.

Paneer and Yogurt 

Paneer and Yogurt contain plenty of protein and vitamin D. It is low in calories and high in protein helps weight loss.


Soybean is a rich source of vitamin C, protein and folate*. Saturated fat is very low in soybean and is rich in calcium, fiber, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium. Health experts say 100 gm of boiled soybeans contains 16.6 gm protein. But roasted beans have a lot of protein. It is also rich in fiber and helps in reducing fat fast.


Potato is one of the protein-rich foods. Cooked potatoes are a must-have for breakfast. Potatoes contain a lot of fiber. Potatoes are rich in sodium.

*folate: Folic acid, one of the B vitamins that is a key reason in the synthesis (the making) of nucleic acid (DNA and RNA).

"Does eating sweet potatoes increase weight"

Sweet potato has many health benefits. They are as sweet as the name. But not many people know that sweet potatoes can help with weight loss. Many people think that eating a sweet potato will increase your weight. But sweet potatoes, which are rich in fiber, are low in calories and can help you lose weight.

Fiber-rich foods are quick to digest, so they are good for weight loss. It is also reported in the Journal of Medicinal Food. Sweet potatoes are a meal that can be eaten before and after workouts. Vitamins, minerals and antioxidants along with fiber will improve your health also.

"Vitamins and minerals in sweet potatoes"

Sweet potatoes have a lot of carbohydrates and are good for energy. The fiber content does not cause digestive problems. Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin B6, it helps to decrease the risk of heart attacks.

Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin C and are good for bones and teeth.

Beta-carotene in sweet potatoes helps prevent wrinkles in the skin. Iron in it helps to increase the immunity of the body.

Carotenoids and Vitamin A in sweet potatoes can also help boost your vision. It is good for age-related vision problems.

It is also good for digestive problems and constipation problems as it has a lot of fiber.


Turmeric helps to eliminate unwanted fat from our body. Curcumin is a substance in turmeric that helps to dissolve fat. It helps to keep good cholesterol instead of bad cholesterol in the body.

Tips to reduce weight

  • Do not exercise immediately after eating.
  • Eat oatmeal once a day.
  • Avoid sweets.
  • Do not drink soda