Amazing Man Who Wrote History in Business Controlled with Eyes from Bed | "K S Vikraman"

Jayasree travels owner K S Vikraman
Stephen Hawking of Kerala, everything controlled by his eyes from lying bed; A wonderful man to remember; Jayasree Travels Owner Mr. K S Vikraman.  

Loss of movement and speech, but through the eyes, controlled the business of crores. Vampire Empires in the Gulf and Atlantis with instructions via a computer-linked eye tracking device; He and his family, when they decide for themselves that they are not tired.

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Tributes paid to the wonderful man. Like Stephen Hawking, K S Vikraman who paralyzed despite suffering from diseases is now remembered.

Vikraman was hit by a motor neuron disease that affected Stephen Hawking. Loss of movement and speech impairment was not a burden, he proceeded business with instructions through a computer-linked i-tracking device. But this expatriate businessman did business in a way that made the world wonder. 

Despite his limitations, he built up a business empire. Mr. Vikraman who won the marvelous achievements at the Kasiya Apartment 7E in Karamana, Thiruvananthapuram. And passed away finally at the age of 63.

Vikraman was an inspiring business person who was actively involved in business affairs despite his illness.

Vikraman also handled billions of rupees' worth of business for Jayashree Travels & Tours, which has branches in five countries, Vivin Luxury Suites in Thiruvananthapuram and Al Alif Printing Press in Ajman.

He fought for life, deciding that he will not tired. While he was with his wife and children, he managed to do business with his eyes by laying in bed. Vikraman's story telling us that if you decide to win then no power can defeat you.

Vikraman was the founder and director of Jayashree Travels in the capital, Vivian Sweet Luxury Business Hotel, High Sands Tours in Dubai, Al Nabeel Printers in Ajman, and Sree ragam Luxury Homestay in Kochi.

He was born in 1956 as a son of the late Shankara and Janaki in Kunnathu house at Piravantur near Punalur in Kollam district.

Motor Neuron Disease affected him while moving Business. But the confidence went hand in hand and then he started to win the Kerala Tourism Overseas Tour Operator Award in the State Tourism Department in 2001-2002 and the Central Tourism Department's Best Overseas Tour Operator award in 2007-08, 2008-09.

At a very young age, K. S Vikraman was in exile in Dubai. In early time he made some small steps in the printing industry and later founded Al-Nabeel, a world-class printing press in Ajman.

Heidelberg, Germany's world-renowned printing press manufacturer, has honored him internationally with its best customer position.

Vikram also introduced the world-class luxury tour bus for the first time in the state. The car rental system launched with the help of modern technology and through Vikraman's Jayashree Travels.

At the time of Technopark's growth has enabled it to give world-class luxury vehicles for entrepreneurs and experts from abroad.

K S Vikraman was a marvel in front of those who were fighting for survival. He finally succumbed to death only after success in business despite suffering from a deadly disease called motor neuron disease, which causes muscular dystrophy. 

This amazing man used his eye movement alone to managed the business of Rs 50 crores annually.

Mr. K S Vikraman was born in the Independence Day of 1956. After school education in Kerala he got a job here. In the meantime he married Vinaja Viswambharan. Vijayasree, Jayasree and Srikanth have three children.

In 1989, he flew to Ajman with his uncle. It was there that Al-Alif started the printing press. It was a huge success. Vikram wanted to grow his business in Kerala. The next step was for the tourism sector. Jayashree Travels & Tours Company launched in 2000 Travels made huge profits and opened branches in various countries.

Vikraman was the Managing Director of Vivien Luxury Suites in Thiruvananthapuram, Jayashree Travels & Tours Company and Al Alif Printing Press in Ajman. He was also active in the business at the last-minute. Wife: Vinaja. Their children are Vijayasree, Jayashree, and Srikanth. Son-in-law: Siju Madhavan.

Jayashree Travels now has a presence in Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi, Delhi, Dubai, Ajman, China and the UK has branches.

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