"Lulu Group Chairman Mr. Yusufali's Pride | Malayalee Businessman to Conquer Britain"

visit The Great Scotland Yard
Yusufali's Twenty 14 holdings invested in UK Scotland Yard will be open to visitors in the most advanced and modern fashion; Lulu Group and Yusufali's Pride in London Malayalee expatriate businessman to conquer Britain.

New-Scotland-Yard-Victorian-building-Big-Ben-1890Twenty14 Holdings, the hospitality venture of the Lulu Group, is in the process of writing a new history with the inauguration of the historic Scotland Yard.

The firm has invested over Rs. 2800 crore (300 Million Pound) in the UK. The Scotland Yard, which has been refurbish in a modern and modern style, will be open to visitors. The official opening of the building has already begun.

M A Yusufali, Chairman of Lulu Group International, said London is one of the most famous cities in the world and the Great Scotland Yard is a landmark.

He welcomes everyone and invites to visit The Great Scotland Yard.

Yusufali's company bought the iconic building for Rs 1,025 crore in 2015.

Twenty-14 Holdings completed the renovation work of the facility at a cost of Rs 512 crore. In addition, Edinburgh's Waldorf Astoria won The Caledonian 2018.

Scotland Yard is located in St James's in Westminster. The hotel is owned by the Hyatt brand with many historic features.

The hotel built in Edwardian-Victorian architectural style and it has an area of 93,000-square-feet and with 152 rooms and 16 suites on seven floors, and a two-bedroom townhouse VIP suite for industry leaders, celebrities and heads of state.

The conference hall has a seating capacity of 120.

Adeeb Ahmed, MD of Twenty14 Holdings, said Scotland Yard was a dream come true. Twenty14 Holdings is the hospitality arm of the Abu Dhabi-based Lulu Group. Earlier, the British media reported that the UK's most famous antique building was bought by a UAE industrialist.

The Scotland Yard is located in St. James, Westminster. In 1910, the hotel used as the British Army Recruitment Office and the Royal Police Office, and gained fame through the work of numerous writers, including Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. During the Tudor era, it was the residence of kings visiting Scotland.

It is not only a building but also a work in which countless stories asleep. Therefore, renovation of the monument is a challenge.

Peter Fulton, president of the Hyatt Hotel Group, said: "We are very proud of this historic monument. The hotel is in partnership with Costler, a UK Prison Art charity trust.