Natural home remedies for ED (erectile dysfunction) | Foods to Boost Erection in Men

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is defined as the constant difficulty in obtaining and maintaining the erection required for sexual intercourse. The causes are usually medical but sometimes it may psychological. Biological causes are the result of a medical condition that affects the blood vessels or nerves in the sexual organ.
Erectile dysfunction is a major problem for men. Reasons for ED can be caused by several reasons. It occurs in some people by mental problems. In others, erectile dysfunction and micronutrient deficiencies can cause erectile dysfunction.

At the same time, significant changes in diet can lead to increased erectile dysfunction. Here's a look at some dietary supplements that can help boost erection.

Natural home remedies for ed (erectile dysfunction) in men

1. Various nutrients in vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables can help increase erection.

2. Onion is a portion of edible food that helps in good erection. These make the blood thinner. It also helps in increasing blood flow.

3. Eat plenty of dates to increase erection in men. It is one of the ways that even Ayurveda prescribed for male erection problems.

4. Eating pistachios and nuts are very good for men to increase erectile dysfunction.

5. Almonds help to give men energy and erection.

6. Eat watermelon is great for men. Anti-oxidants in watermelon are also helpful in the erection.

7. Even doctors say that banana is good for men.

8. Eat shell foods like mussels, crayfish and crab.

9. Flavonoids in dark chocolate are also an erection aid. So it is best for men to eat dark chocolate.

Finally, If you can practice yoga is better. (Paschimothasana, Uttanasana, badhakonasana)