"Diet guidelines for certain diseases in old age" | Ayurveda

Dietary planning of an infected elderly person depends largely on the individual view of a physician who treats the age, associated disease and environmental factors. However, some common guidelines to follow in old age diet plan.

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  • liquid and semi-solid diet form is better.
  • fibre rich diet (considering Agni Bala*)
  • sufficient water, preferably lukewarm.
  • Fruits and green vegetables.
  • Include a spoon ghee in every meal.
  • Healthy dietary supplements, vitamins, minerals and a Rasayana recipe viz. Abhayarishta, Triphala, or fried Hareetaki churna at bed time.

What is 'Agni Bala' in Ayurveda

* In Ayurveda says every problem starts in our body based on digestion. The presence of 'Agni' in human system responsible for digestion and metabolism. Agni digests the Ahara (food) on which the strength of body (Bala), VarAEa, Oja, etc depends. ... Agni is the most important aspect of Ayurveda as all the states diseased or health revolves around the status of agni.

Ayurveda Remedy for Arthritis and Rheumatism

  • Avoid non vegetarian food.
  • Eat low protein diet.
  • Avoid cold, stored raw foods
  • Eat warm and soft spicy food.
  • Avoid all Kaphakara (making mucus) foods
  • Lukewarm water mix with Trikatu¹ may be used for drinking.
  • Panchakola phanta² half cup twice daily after major meals.
  • Dietary supplements- Minerals, Vitamins and Rasayana recipes like
  • Guda-Ardraka, Draksharishta, Ashvagandha Rasayana, Amrita Bhallataka etc.



Trikatu is a Sanskrit word meaning three spices or three peppers. Trikatu is an Ayurvedic blend of equal parts of the fruits of Black Pepper, Long Pepper and the rhizomes of Ginger. It is used to support normal gastric function and normal circulation.


Panchakola is a compound word consisting of 2 words: Pancha + kola.  Pancha means 5 kola which is equal to the size of the seed of jujube fruit(about 6 g). Panchacola means a mixture of 5 drugs, each of which is taken in a quantity of kola