Online Shopping Tips and Tricks

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Reputed Websites

Buy only from reputed sites. When you searches you can see thousands of e-commerce websites. Do not buy products from unknown or unreliable online sellers.


When you buy a product online you must go through the reviews of the product. There you can see positive and negative reviews. Suppose total number of reviews of a product is 10 and out of ten 6 is positive and the rest is negative. What will do. I think it is an average product. When the reviews out of 10 is above 6 is positive you can buy the product bravely. So read the reviews carefully.



The second thing is a product gets how many stars. When you clicks on a product in Amazon, ebay/flipkart or any other online selling platform under the products description, you can see a diagram of stars. Watch it care fully. How many 5 stars, 4 stars, 3 stars. Because all customers not write reviews, more customers give only stars to performance of products. So the higher star ranking is important to buy a product.

Return Policy

Before buying please check the return policy of the seller. Otherwise you may loss money. Reputed sellers have always a clear return policy for their products. So I repeats, before buying you must read the return policy of the product.

Avoid Public Networks

Do not use public networks for online shopping. Because most public networks are not secure and it is easier to hack your account details.