Foreign Travelers Medical Visa for Medical Treatment in India

Foreign Tourists will be Provided with Medical Treatment from Anywhere in India

The Home Ministry (India) has said. Foreigners receive treatment other than organ transplantation. This has led to the need for a medical visa for foreigners visiting India. The existing disease can be treated anywhere in the country. It is not considered whether the disease has reached India or not.

Foreign travelers had to make their visas a medical visa if they became ill while living in India. There have been instances where many hospitals have refused medical treatment for non-medical visas. He was asked to convert the visa into a medical visa before entering the hospital. According to the new amendment, OP. In cases requiring treatment, the existing visa can be treated using the existing visa

However, the Ministry of Home Affairs has ruled that medical visas are mandatory in cases where organ transplantation is required. Last year, the central government had exempted foreigners from making a primary visa a medical visa for less than 180 days. The exemption was implemented last year to cure the ailments that occurred during a visit to India.

Now, the Ministry of Home Affairs has issued a preliminary visa to treat existing ailments. Prior to arrival in India, you can still seek treatment on a primary visa that does not exceed six months. However, this does not apply to organ surgery. The requirement for a visa to seek treatment has led to many criticisms.