"Replacing a Roof: 4 Things to Consider | Things to consider when replacing a roof"

Replacing a Roof: 4 Things to Consider, How To Reduce Heat At Home

home with green surrounding (NewsUSA) - Are you considering a home improvement project that will deliver value, curb appeal and performance? Replacing the roof is a good place to start.

From an economic perspective, REMODELING magazine's 32nd Cost vs. Value Report states that a new asphalt roof recoups more of its value at resale compared to other home improvements such as a major kitchen remodel, bathroom addition or backyard patio. Representing as much as 40 percent of a home's exterior, the roof is an easy way to boost curb appeal.

Homeowners are no longer limited to gray, taupe and other neutral shingle colors. New palettes and color selection tools make it easy to integrate color into the roof. Today's calibrated shingles are infused with hues that add depth, dimension and subtle color.

Unsure what shingle color will best complement your home's exterior? Designer and style expert Chad Esslinger offers some tips:

* Seek out Digital Design Tools: Technology makes it easy to experiment with exterior home colors, including roofing shingles. Owens Corning® Roofing offers inspiration boards and color and design tools that allow homeowners to color coordinate their exteriors with the click of a mouse. The 2020 Owens Corning Shingle Color of the Year, Pacific Wave, is a good example of how a carefully curated shingle color can complement styles ranging from a stately Midwest colonial to a coastal beach house.

* Look around your house:
People surround themselves with colors they love - in interior paint colors, accessories such as bedding or pillows, and their closets. What colors make up the bulk of your wardrobe? If your closet is stocked with navy shirts, you may gravitate to shades of blue on your roof. Similarly, bookmarking an online search of exteriors can help you identify appealing color combinations for your roof, doors, windows and landscaping.

When searching online, look for patterns emerging in exterior color, trim and roof colors. It is likely these same shades will also appeal to you when brought together on your home's exterior.

* Go for a Color Drive: Drive around your neighborhood - or a neighborhood you like - and consider which homes and colors appeal to you. Be sure to drive by homes at different times of day and in different weather conditions so you can see how a particular color looks in sunlight, shade and when wet.

* Don't forget performance: A roof must be beautiful and able to stand up to the elements. Duration Series Shingles by Owens Corning have patented SureNail Technology in the nailing zone, giving them added performance against the elements. Homes in areas prone to strong winds and storms need extra protection against hail. Duration FLEX shingles feature a rubberizing SBS polymer modified asphalt to help guard against impact*.

When it comes to home improvements, the roof is an ideal place to connect value, curb appeal and performance. And today's shingle colors make it easy to tie functionality and aesthetics together beautifully.

How to Reduce Heat at Home

  • Paint white color paint in terrace (That will help to reflect the sun rays coming to terrace surface and reduce the heat)
  • Construct an Aluminum's sheet roof top in terrace
  • Use thermocol (Polystyrene) sheets for room ceiling (inside the home). Shading is the most simplest, natural and effective way for reduce the heat.Plant trees, shrubs properly around the house
  • Make walls with rocks
  • Use light or white colored window curtains (helps to reflection of sunlight)
  • Close the windows facing west and south directions during day time.(Install sun screens/shade cloths on windows)
  • Use bamboo blinds as sun screens/ shades.
  • Turn off unnecessary lights. Use energy-efficient LED lamps help to decrease heat.
  • Use exhaust fan in kitchen.