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Fennel Seeds Benefits

Many of us chew fennel seeds after a meal at the hotel. Do you know the benefit of doing this?

First, it will clean your teeth and end bad breath. But besides that, I would like to tell you about other medicinal properties of fennel seeds.

In Fennel has manganese, which is important for enzyme activation, metabolism, cellular protection, bone development, blood sugar control and wound drying.

Fennel seeds uses


The essential oils present in fennel seeds cause production of digestive enzymes which help digestion. It helps to cut the gas trouble.


Acidity is a problem most people face today. Fennel helps neutralize acidity in stomach. It improves heart health also.

Fennel seeds has nutrients, Vitamin C, magnesium, manganese, Calcium, potassium. 

Generic Name: Fennel
Class: Herbals

Side Effects

  • difficulty in breathing
  • tightness of throat
  • vomiting
  • allergic skin reactions

Use of fennel is unsafe for pregnant women and over dosage may make problems in human.



Fennel seeds in Malayalam "Perumjeerakam"
Fennel seeds in Tamil "Sombu"