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Buy Kerala Traditional Handicrafts Online

A good news for those who love handicrafts. The products of Kerala Handicrafts Development Corporation will be available online.

You can now buy unique Kerala handicrafts made from wood, coconut shell and metal from anywhere in the world.

The Kerala Handicrafts Development Corporation (KFC) is looking to expand its market for handicrafts. Marketing through the online.

The website will feature craft products and its features, as well as details of the artists who made it.

Many duplicate handicraft materials available in market as Kerala. The move is also intended to end the fake versions of Kerala's own handicraft.

It can also help crafters get more opportunities. Kairali, the corporation's marketing network, also supplies products through online stores such as Amazon and Flipkart.

The Kerala Handicrafts Development Corporation has announced that it will be organizing workshops introducing innovative designs for traditional workers and selling products without intermediaries.

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