How to Clean House | Easy Tips For Home Clean

How to Keep Clean Your Home | 5 Ways to Clean Home


How to Clean a House


Building a home is one of everyone's dreams. One of the most common problems faced by house owners is how to keep the house clean.

We often talk about lack of cleanliness in public places. But is our own home clean? Do you ever think? Cleaning the house can help cut most illnesses. But how!


How to Clean House Fast and Easy


1. Refrigerator

Refrigerator should never be cleaned with chemicals. To get rid of the bad smell inside the fridge, just dip a bit of cotton wool in a vanilla essence and put it inside the fridge.

2. Drainage Pipe

Blocking drainage pipes is what happens in every home. If the pipe in the sink blocked, pour a cup of salt and baking soda into the sink's filter and pour a glass of hot water. It is okay, except for the occasional hot water.

3. Bathroom

In countries like India, women bathe their heads with home-made Ayurveda mixture during the shower. This debris makes block in bathroom's drainage pipe filter and the odor will produce. Before using Ayurveda mixture for bathe filter it with a sieve and take it the to the bathroom. This helps to avoid the bathroom dirt.

4. Mold

It is best to wipe with a cloth wipe with a little hydrogen peroxide to remove mold from the bathroom.

5. Wax on table

Heat the wax in table top with a cigarette lamp and wipe it with a cloth. You can clean with the solution of a little vinegar and water to avoid losing the polish.

Clean House Tips

If you have glasses in bathroom, it is best to clean them with a sponge dipped in vinegar.