Foods that increase hair growth | How to get rid of dandruff

Best foods you can eat to promote hair growth

Eat foods rich in vitamins and proteins for your hair growth. Include plenty of vegetables in your diet for hair growth.

"What are the foods that will help you to grow your hair strong and grow?"

1. Carrots

Carrot rich in Vitamin A helps hair to grow and grow. Mixing carrots on your head can help prevent hair loss.

2. Cucumber

Increased body temperature can often cause hair loss and baldness. Regular use of cucumber can help reduce body temperature. It also reduces hair loss by 55 percent. Eat at least one cucumber daily.

3. Egg

Eggs are a rich source of vitamin A, protein and omega fatty acid. Eggs are the best food to grow. You can include one egg in your daily diet. Applying egg whites to your hair helps to strengthen your hair and glossy.

4. Almond

High levels of biotin, which is present in almonds, can help speed up hair growth. Eating almonds regularly will increase hair growth in one or two months.

5. Green gram

Green gram is rich in protein which helps hair to grow. Including green gram in daily food will help hair growth fast.

These foods to improve help hair growth

Vitamin E | Vitamin B  also helps to grow hair

Did you want your hair to grow nicely? Does fenugreek prevent hair loss

Fenugreek is a good remedy for many hair problems. Amino acids in fenugreek are known to help hair growth.

How to use fenugreek to help your hair grow.

Take some fenugreek and soak it in water for a few minutes. Then grind it into a fine dough form. Add some lemon juice to it and apply it to your hair. Leave it on for about half an hour. It not only prevents hair loss, but it also helps to shine your hair.

A mixture of fenugreek and coconut oil is great for hair growth. You can heat in coconut oil and use. Heat the Fenugreek in coconut oil until it becomes red. Apply this oil to your scalp and you will get a feel of a warm massage.

You can also combine it with fenugreek and egg white and apply it on your hair. A while after the Rinse off. It is also a good remedy for dandruff problems.

Take some fenugreek (soaked), curry leaves and put in a mixer-grinder and grind well. You can apply it to your hair. Not only does it help your hair grow, but it also helps darken the hair color. This is a good remedy for premature graying.

Grind some fenugreek and mix it with yogurt that can apply in your scalp. It is one of the best remedies for hair growth and hair loss. It is also a good remedy for dandruff problems.

Onion Juice

Onion juice definitely helps to remove dandruff and regrow hair. Just apply it in the morning and keep it for 15-30 mins. Dandruff goes away easily but regrowth may take time. Regrowth is a slow process, but you will definitely get the result.