"Health Benefits and Uses of Guava Leaves"

Guava Leaves Health Tips

Guava leaves has many health benefits. It prevents diarrhea, Cholesterol, ends bad smell in your mouth, helps to thickness of hair, prevents fungal infections in skin etc.


Drinking boiled water with guava leaves helps to prevent diarrhea.

Toothache and bad smell in mouth

Chewing guava leaves helps eliminate bad smell in your mouth. Fill boiled water with guava leaves in your mouth  (wait some time) and then spit. It will help to cure toothache.


In one liter of water put 5 guava plant's leaves and boil well. Drink it. This can help lower cholesterol.

Fungal Infections

Bathing or washing by boiled water in guava leaves to prevent fungal infections of the skin. It can prevent bad smell and private part fungal infection.

Thickness of Hair

Daily wash your head by boiled water with guava leaves will help to grow your hair thickly, moreover it can cut the dandruff also.

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