How to Save a Child from Cleft Deformity | Every Child Deserves a Chance to Life in the World

In the English dictionary, the word deformity is a noun which means: a deformed part, especially of the body; a malformation.

Aim of Love Without Reason (LWR)

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(LWR) is a US-based nonprofit organization founded on 15th December 2007.  As a result of personal experiences with Mr. Santhosh and his wife Mrs. Susan Santhosh. Their son, Philip Mathews, who was born with Goldenhar’s Syndrome, they envisioned an organization to help children born with craniofacial (relating to the cranium and the face) deformities*.

LWR was born out of a dream that every child deserves a chance to live. This dream has expanded to include the cause of countless men/women and children who are lured into immoral trafficking. 

They passionate about the plight of these individuals, and desire to provide and build services that support and empower them.

They understood the pathetic plight of children who suffer from this problem. And it paved the way for starting Love Without Reason.

Any cleft deformity for any child, please contact click here

If anyone needs help kindly visit their official website 

* deformity means an affliction in which some part of the body is misshapen or malformed

From the Auther: Inspiration from an article about them in the Vanitha monthly (Malayalam women's magazine), that deeply affected me and I am so proud of them.